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“Cycling with brought back so many memories from my college days, when, every summer, my friends and I used to go to Nariman Point, Mumbai, to ride our bicycles. I’ve ridden Free Bird (that’s what I’ve named this bike) on Worli Seaface a couple of times on weekends. Free Bird looks really attractive, and, with no complicated features, it’s really simple to ride. Riding a bike gives me the feeling of freedom and the opportunity to admire what exists in front of my eyes but which might not otherwise come to my attention. I’m planning to cycle more often on my trips as well, as I really support being a

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Candolim, Goa The newest addition to the stay repertoire in India’s sunshine state, this luxurious and elegant boutique hotel offers a wellness centre, gym, spa and 32 rooms to ensure guests are given ample opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy
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Make It Happen: Svalbard, Norway
The best times to visit Svalbard are from May to September, the summer months. The weather is pleasant, and it‘s the best time to spot polar bears. Lufthansa, SWISS and Air India, among others, fly frequently to Svalbard Airport from all major Indian
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The Easter egg
A FRAGILE CONTAINER FOR A NEW LIFE, the egg was always going to be the perfect emblem of Spring returning. Engravings on 60,000-year-old remains of ostrich eggs in South Africa, probably used as water carriers, show that egg decoration is more than 3