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Accept, Breathe, Choose
Turn your negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones with the ABC method from leadership mentor Clare Josa ACCEPT Try not to resist the negative thought, or it will ‘fight back’. BREATHE Take three deep, ‘sighing’ (make a sigh noise) breath
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What Can You Do To Help?
* FILTER Go through your wardrobe and donate whatever gently worn items you can. We’ll happily accept men’s and women’s clothing as well as kids’ garments and maternity wear. * DROP OFF Deliver your bags to one of our affiliated stores – there are 15
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Horseradish Beef And Root Vegetable Wine Stew
Throw everything into a casserole dish and let it gently simmer away in the oven for a delicious, warming meal. Serves 6 m Ready in 2 hours 30 minutes 2tbsp plain flour2tbsp hot horseradish sauce750g chuck steak, cut into large cubes2 onions, cho