Phase One IQ4

he Phase One IQ4 stills camera has more pixels than does any consumer model by far: 150 megapixels, to be precise. In addition to chomping through the memory cards, this camera delivers a stunning medium-format image and includes a standard 80mm lens. All this tech comes in a reassuringly old-school package – basically, a brick with four buttons on it – and weighs more than

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Across The Dividing Sea
There aren’t too many prominent art-world figures from either Australia or New Zealand with the type of credibility that Sally Dan-Cuthbert has. The independent Sydney-based art advisor has been working with a handful of private and corporate clients
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Gestalten, approx. $150 Too much, even as the vaguest of quantities, seems as if it does not exist in this book. Yet there is something measured, even precise, in the interiors it contains. From a library with a gold-leaf ceiling to an apartment with
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Maximalist Empire
Moving cities or starting a business: these are two pretty major events in anyone’s life. But how about doing both in very close succession? Such was the case for Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, who co-founded New York City-based design studio