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All That Glitters
For almost 300 years, a Colombian emerald the size of a plum lay buried beneath the foundations of a shop in London’s Cheapside. The green jewel had been cut, polished, hollowed out and fitted with a gold clock, which was set with smaller emeralds, t
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Home Hints
Citrus-based goo remover is great for removing stubborn soap scum from glass shower screens – rub it on with a damp cloth then polish off with paper towels or a microfibre cloth. D. Fry, Annandale, NSW. To prevent mulch getting too close to the ba
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Good Health
Are you a glass-half-full, look-at-the-positives kind of person? Then we’ve got good news for you. People who have a cheerful attitude – or what psychologists call the “positive affect” – experience less memory decline than those who dwell on the neg