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hether it’s pressing deadlines, juggling work and family or chipping away at a never-ending to-do list, 40 per cent of us feel stressed daily, reports the Health and Safety), thinks not. ‘Stress is really coming from within us,’ he says. ‘It is our inability to manage thoughts and emotions that are causing our stress levels to soar.’ Prolonged mental and emotional stress drains your energy, or Qi, believes Master Oh, which increases anxiety and fear – creating a self-perpetuating cycle. Practising positivity, self-reflection, gratitude and meditation will help to build your Qi – and, therefore, your ability to manage stress. Try the new Stress Out Test at .

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Lisa’s Nutrition
• ‘For breakfast, I have something such as a spinach omelette or scrambled eggs with two pieces of wholemeal bread and butter.’ • ‘My mid-morning snack is usually fruit with nuts and yoghurt, then peanut butter and honey pancakes as a second snack la
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The Right Running Bra
The humble running bra has come a long way since its 1979 beginning, when it was simply two jockstraps sewn together and known as the ‘Jockbra’. Understated? Sure, but for women sprinting sans support it was a performance-enhancing revelation. Fast f
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Lift To Lose
Been banging out regular runs in the hope of losing a bit of jiggle around your middle? Well done on your commitment. But if the fat’s not dropping off as fast as you’d hoped, try strength training, too. Why? ‘While cardiovascular exercise helps the