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Do you work out for your body or your brain? For the joy of getting active

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Gym Bag Essentials
A hand sanitiser designed for all gym goers, with added chalk for grip and aloe vera to protect your hands. It also has a handy clip so you can attach it to your gym kit. £3.99; fitkitbodycare.com Taking your own water bottle is a great way to sta
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Triple Your Workout Benefits!
Putting in the effort but not seeing the health and fitness gains you’d hoped for? Don’t give up! Sometimes, a small tweak to your routine or programme can make all the difference. We talked to the experts to find out what you may be overlooking in y
Women's Fitness1 min letti
Buy This...
We love this handmade cushion. Memory foam moulds to the contours of your body while the wedge shape tilts your pelvis forwards, so your spine remains effortlessly upright. Comes in eight colours. ■