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PROJECTION Dance Company from Albury/Wodonga came to Sydney’s Concourse Theatre on February 29, performing a fraught, psychologically intense work choreographed by the company director Tim Podesta. Although described on Projection Dance Company’s website as a work for five dancers, it was on this occasion performed by six – two men, and four women – all of them extremely capable dancers. According to the program, explores the theory of ‘catastrophic thinking’, juxtaposing the pursuit for human perfection against the increasingly evident frailty of our existence.” In psychological terms, catastrophic thinking can be broadly summarised as repetitive, irrational ruminations on worst-outcome scenarios and I must admit to feeling some doubt about whether such a concept could be adequately or meaningfully expressed in dance prior to viewing it. After watching I am still unsure. It is an interesting, but only partially successful work. What really makes this program worth watching are the dancers themselves.

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