History of War


The German troops on the southern flank of the bulge, under the command of General Hasso von Manteuffel, had three immediate objectives to achieve. Firstly, they needed to cross the River Our. They were then to support the attack on the road junction at St Vith in the central zone before going on to take Bastogne, another important road junction. Units from two divisions were to seize the bridge over the Our at Ouren.

General Walter Krüger’s LVIII Panzer Corps was spearheaded by Generalmajor Siegfried von Waldenburg’s 116th Panzer Division, partnered by the 560th Volksgrenadier Division. The 116th was an experienced, veteran division,

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Napoleon’s exile on St Helena was a world away from his sovereignty on the island of Elba. Security was tight and Governor Lowe made sure that the Emperor was watched night and day, determined that the mistakes of the past would not be repeated. Yet