History of War


Writer: Jonathan Trigg Publisher: Amberley Publishing Price: £20

‘It will all be over by Christmas’ is a painfully familiar phrase in military history, and in the vast

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Rise Of The Afrika Korps
A professional soldier through and through, even before his arrival in Africa, Erwin Rommel had gathered praise from friend and foe alike for the perceived humane and decent way he waged war. “He had an unmistakable mystique. Even when the shrapnel w
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Persian Lessons
Director: Vadim Perelman Cast: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Lars Eidinger, Jonas Nay Released: 29 January 2021 Imagine that you’re a prisoner being transported to a Nazi concentration camp in 1942. A difficult and frightening situation to put it mildly,
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An elite infantry corps, the Janissaries were the Ottoman sultan’s household troops. Most likely founded in the mid-14th century by Murad I, the Janissaries had dark origins. The Ottomans conducted a policy of conscription known as the ‘devsirme’ sys