When asked, “What makes you happy?”, most people will list items such as financial security, good health, a hearty meal, time with friends and family, and so on. Few will say, “I am most happy when sitting alone in an empty room.”

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Womankind7 min letti
The Future We Feared Is Here
When did you first notice ecoanxiety creeping into the consulting room? I think it was about five years ago, and it was mostly affecting people in their late 20s and early 30s, who were saying that they didn’t think they would ever have children. It
Womankind2 min lettiEarth Sciences
All In A Wish
I am originally from Peru, born in Lima, the capital. Peru is a country of contrasts defined by three different regions. The coast, which is where I am from - barren, dry desert with little vegetation beside the rivers, grey and cloudy skies, barely
Womankind3 min letti
Celebrating The Womankind Community All Wrapped Up
I became very aware about eight years ago that I was about to become an empty nester. My youngest was off to university to study Fine Art and all our lovely creative conversations would be temporarily over. My husband owns his own all-consuming busin