Curated simplicity

On a recent Sunday, I found myself sitting on my bed, surrounded by small bottles of perfumes, creams, and soaps I had pilfered from various hotels. Agonising over what should stay and what should go, I put them into ever-smaller piles.

Finally, irritated, and bored but filled with fear that I might one day need a tiny-sized shampoo bottle, I moved them (wholesale and once again jumbled) into the bathroom cabinet, promising this time that I’d make a point of using them all. 

With next to no space for my collection of travel toiletries, why didn’t I just throw them away? What made me

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Balinese Beginnings
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WOMANKIND Photographers’ Award award XXII
Closing date: JUNE 30 2020 Format: One photograph per entry. Applicants: Open to all amateur and professional photographers. Subscribers to Womankind are automatically allowed entry. Non-subscribers must show purchase of current issue. File size:
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Batik Textiles
To bond by way of ‘fabric’ is common in many cultures. In the west, children bond together when wearing matching school uniforms, as do soldiers in their green and brown army fatigues and bankers wearing navy pin-striped suits. But not all cultures h