The Wanderer

Editor-in-Chief, Womankind magazine

“Wanderer,” once wrote Spanish poet Antonio Machado, “your footsteps are the road, and nothing more.” Machado, one of Spain’s most celebrated poets,

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Finding Flow
Describe for us the experience of growing up in Lima, Peru? I had a happy childhood, despite the fact that my country was in armed conflict for almost 20 years. Every weekend in the summer my father packed everything in the car and took us camping o
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Death Of The Maiden
In 1999 the mummified body of a girl was discovered just shy of Mt Llullaillaco summit. “La Doncella”, or “the maiden”, as she was nicknamed, died more than 500 years ago aged 13 or 14. Yet she was so well-preserved that her round, ruddy cheeks still
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Written In Textiles
In the shadow of the 20,800-foot snow-clad peak of Ausangate in the southern Peruvian Andes, Maria Merma Gonzalo works at her loom, leaning back on a strap around her waist, just as her ancestors have done for centuries. She uses a wichuna, or llama