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I love how the writing reminds me that the types of issues we are grappling with today are similar to

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New Philosopher1 min lettiPsychology
Your eyes and ears don’t tell you the truth. That’s not what they’re for. The senses evolved to enable us to survive and succeed in the world, not to represent it accurately. Now, for the first time, science is revealing exactly how the sense organs
New Philosopher2 min lettiPsychology
To Be Is To Be Perceived
Unsurprisingly for a man who argued for the nonexistence of matter, Bishop Berkeley didn’t have much time for common sense. In Principles of Human Knowledge, he complained about the “opinion strangely prevailing amongst men, that houses, mountains, r
New Philosopher1 min letti
Online At is an online portal for exploring philosophical ideas on ways to live a more fulfilling life. Read the articles, join in discussions, and watch free online documentaries. Now more than ever I want to cling to the idea that findin