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Family differences

Mary Claire King, as much as any individual scholar, has changed how we think about what it means to be human. She did so using genetics as a lens through which to see what

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“A father would do well, as his son grows up, and is capable of it, to talk familiarly with him; nay, ask his advice, and consult with him about those things wherein he has any knowledge or understanding. By this, the father will gain two things, bot
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Next Of Kin
In the four centuries since William Shakespeare shuffled off his mortal coil (to use one of his own phrases), no part of his literary remains have been left un-ransacked. Even something as dry as the bard’s last will and testament has worried generat
New Philosopher6 min lettiSociety
Death Oh, Oh Ever Teach Me…
Death is always a family affair. When you have one family, or two. But then who defines ‘the’ family? Is it the deceased’s ‘first family,’ the first wife, the first children, or is it the new life partner who typically is much younger and who almost