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When I was in my teens, at that pivotal point when everyone asks you what you want to ‘do’ and what you are going to ‘be’, I saw life as a conveyor belt. If I passed certain landmarks on this conveyor belt by a fixed deadline – getting grade As at school, getting into a good university, doing a master’s, getting a good job and getting promoted fast – then I’d arrive at a destination called ‘success’ at around the age of 30.

But, as I got older and life got more convoluted, I could feel myself slipping off the conveyor belt. I tried to grip on with my fingernails but, when I had a child and got postnatal depression, I couldn’t hold on

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2 Notice How Parts Of You Interact
IFS BORROWS ITS LOGIC FROM family therapy and focuses on the relationships individual parts have with each other. To understand ourselves, it is not enough to delve into one part in isolation. Parts bicker about the best way to serve us. They collude