Your magnificent menopause

We’ve been running the Life Leap Club – a VIP club free to all subscribers offering complimentary coaching, podcasts, workbooks and featuring interviews with some of the best self-development experts in the world – for some time now, and I’m privileged to be part of such a compassionate, encouraging and inspirational community. It started with 47 ambassadors – so a huge thank

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“I Don’t Rate My Boss And I Could Do A Better Job, So Should I Make Move? ”
Q My problem is that my boss is not good at her work and I know that I could do her job to a higher standard. She has been with the company for a long time, her ideas are out of date and she is uninspiring. A couple of times, when I’ve been talking t
Psychologies1 min letti
Encyclopedia Of Green Living
THE MORE I write about environmental issues, the more I realise that there are two sides to every topic. We live in a complex world, so questions such as ‘which milk is the most sustainable?’ or ‘what’s the greenest heat?’ do not have quick and easy
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Doggy Decor
Dogs are life-enhancing and good for our wellbeing, but not always so good for our furnishings – shed fur, dirty paw prints and unfortunate accidents are an inevitable part of being a dog owner. Make your dog feel at home by adding throws and comfy c