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We are hearing a lot of discussion in the history world about the concept of “public history.” Public history describes the many and diverse ways in which history is put tomagazine and its roots in public history, and we are working to collaborate with teachers and librarians to get it into BC’s classrooms through the EBSCO Publishing database.

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Recently Released
Chinatown Through a Wide Lens: The Hidden Photographs of Yucho Chow by Catherine B. Clement (Vancouver: Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC, 2020) $70 Chop Suey Nation: The Legion Café and Other Stories from Canada’s Chinese Restaurants by Ann
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Prince Rupert City and Regional Archives
With only a card table for a desk, a four-drawer wooden filing cabinet, and an interest in preserving the historical records of the region, Gladys Blyth, Phylis Bowman, and Barbara Sheppard established the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives in Se
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They Persevered and Built a Community
Originally named Mayo Siding, this mill town just west of Duncan was founded by Mayo Singh in 1917. It flourished for two decades, then struggled after the mill closed in the 1940s. People gather each summer to remember the meaning of this place, and