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Actions Speak Louder Than Worldviews

materialist/naturalist and supernatural worldviews has been going on for millennia. The Pali canon shows that it was already raging at the Buddha’s time. Several long discourses are devoted to the wide variety of worldviews the Buddha’s contemporaries advocated, and if anything, their variety was greater than ours is now. Some maintained that the

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Lion's Roar
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Detox Your Mind
I THINK WHAT MAKES BUDDHISM unique—what makes it Buddhism—is its diagnosis of what causes suffering, which is called the second noble truth. Looking at the other noble truths, most religions acknowledge the pervasive reality of suffering, that it can
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Anger: A Bedtime Story
My eleven-year-old has had trouble sleeping since the pandemic started. When I sit with her to help her fall asleep, I drift off, and she repeatedly wakes me to comfort her. Although I wish I were a perfect mommy, this is a recipe for me to get angry