Lion's Roar



  is a Japanese transliteration of the Chinese word , which in turn derives from the Sanskrit , meaning meditation. Zen is the Japanese lineage of a meditation-oriented (China), (Korea), and (Vietnam). In the West, the word is often used as shorthand for the entire tradition.

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Lion's Roar3 min letti
What Buddhist Teaching Or Practice Is Helping You The Most In This Crisis?
Upon witnessing the death of the Buddha, senior monks observed, “All conditioned things are impermanent.” Plagues have tormented our ancestors since long before they descended from the trees. It was ever thus. In the vast, ancient lineage of humanity
Lion's Roar3 min letti
Steadfast In The Midst Of Turmoil
EIHEI DOGEN, the thirteenth-century founder of Soto Zen in Japan, wrote in his evocative Kuge (“Flowers of Emptiness”) that “the time and place that the blue lotus flowers open and spread are in the midst of fire and in the time of fire” (Gudo Nishij
Lion's Roar3 min letti
Hope Does Push-Ups
SOME DAYS THERE SEEMS to be little reason for hope, in our families, cities, and world. Well, except for almost everything. The seasons change, a bone mends, Santa Rosa rebuilds after the fire. In the days after a cataclysmic school shooting, thousan