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Can I Love This Too?

mother the other day, I was tempted to leave her by the side of the road. Not my most noble thought, but she was laying into me about everything she thought was wrong with me and the world. Earlier I had intervened when she tore a strip off a young cashier because the

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Lion's Roar3 min letti
Omitting None: The Deep Practice of Community
i’ve spent my adult life in communities and helping to build communities. I’ve been part of artistic, spiritual, social justice, Buddhist, and public school communities, among others. In a practical sense, I know a little about the patience, persiste
Lion's Roar2 min letti
What’s Next: Keep Your Mindfulness Going
as the restrictions around social distancing get loosened, I hope for all of us that we are taking a moment to decide very deliberately which of our old ways we want to pick up again and which we don’t. If anything, this pandemic has taught us two th
Lion's Roar6 min letti
What To Do In Any Emergency: A Zen Firefighter's Wisdom
ON ANY EMERGENCY SCENE, I want to be calm. I want to be present, and I want to be creative. I want to be composed so that I—we—can see the problem and all possible solutions. I sometimes need out-of-the-box ideas, like how to disentangle a car from a