Lion's Roar


in Pine Bush, New York, was founded in 1997 by the late Master Sheng Yen (1931–2009). It is affiliated with the Chan Meditation

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Lion's Roar6 min letti
A Tale Of Two Crises
I REMEMBER WHEN the pandemic was a novel event, the thing that was happening. My partner and I would urgently flutter around the house. We stocked up on Tylenol, checked our temperatures, traded rumors with the neighbors, and drove across town in sea
Lion's Roar7 min letti
On The Trail Of Birth And Death
As I hike in Berkeley’s Tilden Park with my friend Lucy, I am reciting a Buddhist verse to myself, its singsong melody following the crunch of our hiking boots and the tap-tap-tap-tap of our walking poles. All things are impermanent.They arise and th
Lion's Roar1 min letti
Words Of Zen
ZEN: The Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character for Chan, which is in turn a transliteration of the Sanskrit word dhyana, meaning “meditation.” ZAZEN: Literally “seated meditation”; a broad term encompassing Zen meditative practices from koa