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Sympathetic Joy

IMAGINE YOU HAVE just received wonderful news. What’s one of your very first thoughts? Probably you’re thinking about whom to call to share your joy with.

Knowing that your loved ones will be happy for you and with you makes the joy even greater and more real. As the German proverb says, “Shared pain is half the pain, and shared joy is twice the joy.” So when you share your joy, it doubles for you—and you also give happiness to another! It’s

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Lion's Roar4 min lettiPopular Culture & Media Studies
The Healing Power Of Pop Star Goddesses
ON ITS SURFACE, the term pop star goddess tends to conjure the image of an objectified woman valued primarily for her looks and sexuality who churns out disposable music, is admired by millions for her material success, and is known mainly for her ta
Lion's Roar5 min letti
The Four Noble Truths
In these uncharted days of Covid-19, it seems appropriate to consider the metaphor of the Buddha as physician. As a physician of the human condition, the Buddha provided us with a diagnosis of our suffering (the first noble truth) and an etiology, or
Lion's Roar6 min letti
Lots Of Buddhas
In Sanskrit, the word buddha can mean “awakened,” “expanded,” and “understood.” It was the title bestowed on an itinerant teacher about whom little is known, apart from the teachings that have been attributed to him. The Buddha first appears in the r