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Dead centre in the Venn diagram between ‘songs that make you want to roll your car windows down and belt along to at the top of your lungs’ and ‘songs so powerful and raw they give you goosebumps on parts of your body that you didn’t think could have goosebumps’, the debut album from Melbourne-native indie goddess Angie McMahon is almost certain to go down in the annals of Australian rock legends.

Best soaked in alone, with volume cranked high and lights dimmed to let its warm and rousing poignancy truly shine, Saltis a slow-burning masterstroke of vehemence and humanity. McMahon wears her soul thin across its winding

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Three Times The Fury
Despite always being at the forefront of their creative output, Lynn Gunn has often been overshadowed by her bandmates in PVRIS – and not just because of how small she is as a person when standing beside them. For years, Gunn felt the pressure to min
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A Double Shot Of The Blues
You only have to look at next year’s Bluesfest lineup for proof that roots, blues and folk music is alive and thriving Down Under. Hell, even in the underground there is no short supply of fantastic hollowbody harmonisers out there – and right at the
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Fender Trapper Dual Fuzz
RRP: $349 What’s better than a fuzz pedal? Answer: two fuzz pedals. The Trapper isn’t exactly that, but it does feature two different fuzz voices and lets you footswitch between the two. Fuzz 1, which has Fuzz and Level controls, is a smooth, everyda