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Honing Your Craft by Saying ‘No’

I am an inherent fixer, creative problem-solver, and endlessly curious like a four-year-old child. When confronted with a problem that I know I can solve or positively influence, I’ll become impassioned quickly, want to fix the world, and, before I know it, I can overcommit myself, my resources, and my time. Age and experience have shown me, however, the value of recognizing

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‘I’m Not the AV Guy’
Our company recently hit a big milestone: 15 years in business, providing intelligent home automation systems and award-winning service after the sale. We’ve come a long way, baby! Not only has our company changed over time, but our industry has unde
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Restoring Independence
For the past 13 years, U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Chad Watson (Ret.) has proven the resiliency and toughness of U.S. service members by creating a new life for himself after he lost half of his right leg in a 2006 IED explosion in Iraq. In recognitio
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We Ask Industry Insiders One Question
As we utilize and depend on our residential networks in more and more areas of our life, network security has become very important. We recommend enterprise-level networking components to improve general network performance and coverage, as well as p