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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

It’s time to put ego on the shelf; there is a specific reason why you are on a particular project with a specific project team.

“Wellness” (aka biophilia) is a growing movement, centering smart tech design around people and the overall state of wellness that they have in a space. This design philosophy affects how spaces are

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Residential Tech Today2 min letti
Wellness And The Sound Of Silence
The design of a home or building has traditionally focused on aesthetics. However, today’s occupants expect more from their spaces, especially as the trend toward designing healthier lifestyle spaces gains traction. But, in addition, the attention pa
Residential Tech Today2 min letti
From the Editor
I knew this would happen. I waited forever to finally upgrade my family TV, and now there’s a setting on many of this year’s models that I really wish I could have. Called “Filmmaker Mode,” the setting effectively disables post processing such as mot
Residential Tech Today2 min letti
Lighten Up Your Life
How do you feel in your office? Are the lights too harsh or not quite bright enough? Do you leave the office in the evening surprised that it’s suddenly nighttime? If so, your office probably isn’t using circadian lighting. Most people are familiar w