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Dunedin’s got a casual feel, and it’s a pretty good place to eat. At its best, the city makes excellent use of southern produce and booze, in restaurants that feel like living rooms, where the service is relaxed. And increasingly, those restaurants are finding their home in restored old industrial buildings

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Metro’s 20 Favourite Beers
Ten years ago – hell, even five years ago – Auckland was a bit embarrassing on the beer front. In Wellington, you could barely move for hoppy IPAs, rich stouts and tongue-tingling sours, but in Auckland, the odd craft-beer bar aside, a Peroni on tap
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Remember the David Foster Wallace keynote address “Fishtown 101” (alternative title: “This Is Water”)? It’s an evocative and beautiful reminder about the importance of retaining empathy and awareness during difficult times. It’s also a bit rich, comi
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20 Questions
01-What’s riskier, Covid-19, or sneezing in public while Asian? 02-Remember how we were all going to “Give nothing to racism”? 03-“Cruise ships a nightmare of discomfort, claustrophobia and potential infection” - so, no change there, then? 04-So