Prep for success

You’ve heard of the saying ‘preparation is the key to success’? Well, when it comes to health and nutrition, this couldn’t be truer. Here’s how to make prep a part of your weekly routine.

Jessica Sepel’s step-by-step guide to Sunday prep

To make sure I stay on track with healthy eating, I spend an hour or two food prepping every Sunday or

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Your Feedback
I would like to thank you for a wonderful read in March/April’s Good (issue 73). My house has settled in for the night. All is quiet and it’s finally me time. I reached for your magazine and read it cover to cover. I cried and laughed, shook my head
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Heeding Your Hormones
Sleep problems, night sweats and crazy heavy periods – is this menopause already? And you’re only 42? No, menopause may still be a decade away. This is perimenopause or “second puberty”, which is the two to twelve years before periods stop. Perimenop
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Natural Deodorant? No Sweat!
@sammydaviesxx Armpits are very sensitive parts of the body, and they tend to put up with a lot – including regular shaving and waxing. The least we can do to keep our pits happy is use a natural deodorant. A few years ago, essano (known for its #1 b