Finest Hour

More Dirty Tricks

Winston Churchill’s embrace of irregular warfare in the Second World War is the focus of this fast-paced adventure drama animated by a carefully selected but motley team of secret warriors who could easily find themselves in one of Alistair MacLean’s novels: think or . The difference here is that this version is anything but fiction.

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Email: CHARTWELL—[2 September 1928] My dear [George] Bernard Shaw, I was delighted to receive your book [The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism] and greatly complimented by your kindness in sending me a
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The Bristol Giant
Andrew Adonis, Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill, Biteback Publishing, 2020, 357 pages, £20.00. ISBN 978–1785905988 Ernest Bevin and Winston Churchill were (alongside David Lloyd George) the three titans of twentieth-century British politics. Bevin a
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The Ultimate River War
DEFINITIVE NEW EDITION OF CHURCHILL’S SECOND BOOK The long-awaited St. Augustine’s Press edition of The River War, in 2 volumes, will be the first publication of Winston Churchill’s full, unabridged text since 1899. Editor James W. Muller’s new edi