Finest Hour

More Dirty Tricks

Winston Churchill’s embrace of irregular warfare in the Second World War is the focus of this fast-paced adventure drama animated by a carefully selected but motley team of secret warriors who could easily find themselves in one of Alistair MacLean’s novels: think or . The difference here is that this version is anything but fiction.

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International Churchill Society Affiliate Organizations
Please send updates to this list to John David Olsen, Representative (0401) 92-7878 G. R. (Randy) Barber, Chairman (905) 377-9421 | AB–
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18 August 1908 BLENHEIM—My dear Winston, Your letter has given me much pleasure and a great deal of satisfaction. It is indeed a joy to feel that you are happy, and that you realise that in ensuring the content of another being, lies in no small deg
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Blenheim, Politics, and Community
Winston Churchill is reported to have said: "At Blenheim I took two very important decisions: to be born and to marry. I am content with the decision I took on both occasions.” Certainly the remark typifies his characteristically understated humour,