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ust how wide is the lens of history? From detailed family genealogy to the bold strokes of a nation’s founding era, we often think of in terms of humans. Who we are is based—the term for the period before written records—assumes a human connection. It isn’t “history” until it is written down.

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THE YEAR WAS 1856, AND A TRANSPORTATION REVOLUTION WAS coming to the upper Midwest: not the rapid expansion of railroads branching west, nor the passenger steamer that, since mid-century, had ferried travelers across the Great Lakes. Neither solved t
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Wisconsin Magazine of History
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We have had deep snow. No teams passed for over three weeks, but as soon as the drifts could be broken through Mary Scott sent her boy Frank around to say she was going to have a quilting. Everybody turned out. Letter dated February 7, 1841, Ohio1 Qu