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Coin Show Etiquette Suggestion

I appreciate the “Coin Show Etiquette” part one (as a buyer) and part two (as a seller) articles.

The articles included good tips for the collector both as a buyer and as a seller.

I think a third article is

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Types of Deteriorating Die Doubling
■ Is there more than one type of deteriorating die doubling? Inside Abraded Die Doubling is caused by wear at the edges and inside the design detail. It appears as an enlarged, irregular outline overlapping the original design element. Outside Abrade
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Numismatic News
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Coin Shortage to Give Market a Bump
First we had the coronavirus. Then we had the economic shutdown to try to stop the rapid spread of the disease. Now we have a circulating coin shortage. The first two, the disease and its economic fallout, each resulted in an uptick in people wanting