The Ideal Home and Garden

Best In Class

The Metrozone, an avant-garde residential property surrounded by lush greenery and ultramodern amenities provides it’s residents an architectural masterpiece of

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The Ideal Home and Garden2 min letti
The 35 feet metal installation, AABH for Taj Ahmedabad takes inspiration from the form and the folds created by Ghagra and Odhani of the festival of Navaratri. Designed by Rhea Mehta, the piece almost looks like it is floating and defying gravity. To
The Ideal Home and Garden1 min letti
Light It Up
Appropriate lighting in any space is truly important. Apart from general lighting options, designer installations can illuminate an entire space, while simultaneously creating an impactful visual statement. Created with different materials, the decor
The Ideal Home and Garden2 min letti
Letter Of The Month
I read TIHG accidently at my friend’s place last month and I couldn’t resist being stirred by it. The features are just amazing with new set of ideas in just one lot. What caught my attention was the layout combined with meaningful stories which were