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Transitioning to a toddler bed

The switch from a cot to a kid-bed is a milestone that signifies the child is no longer just a baby but a ‘big kid’. Like all changes, it can be unsettling for the child. This is why it becomes paramount for parents to watch out for signs that their child is ready, so that the transition is smooth. Here are a few hacks that can make it a win-win for all.


Like all habits, a good bed-time routine depends a lot on the lifestyle of the parents themselves. They can manage the consistency by sticking to a conducive sleep routine at around the same time daily. Despite erratic schedules

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Lead is a harmful carcinogenic substance found in old paint, dust, soil and water. Infants and children could suffer from lead poisoning from old, lead-based paint. If floors have dust from old painted walls, or paint chips, a baby could suck on lead