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Lee Filters 100 Big Stopper
PRICE: £98 / $129 (filter only) Lee Filters is a British company that has been going about its business of making premium filters and gels since 1967. The company has put all of its considerable know-how into its ‘Stopper’ range of filters, which ar
Digital Photographer4 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Canon EOS R6
Price: £2,499 / $2,499 While the EOS R5 might be grabbing all the headlines with a mouthwatering list of features to appeal to both professionals and enthusiasts, it’s the more affordable EOS R6 that’s perhaps going to have the much broader appeal. T
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Shoot Scenes In Overcast Light
Cloudy conditions and blank, white skies are not the most enticing properties for outdoor photographers. Over years it can become a natural response to see this sort of weather forecasted and choose to stay indoors, rather than head out with a camera