WE LIVE IN A COLLECTIVE angst concealed by the delusion of a calendar packed with activities, meetings and reports. We fail to distinguish between the real meaning of life and a life full of hustle.

We wrongly believe that our days and weeks elapse much faster than they did decades ago. We do not realize how superficial our personal relationships are and we are unaware of the amount of rapidly changing information we foolishly try to process every day.

We just give up understanding ourselves because we are too afraid of the mirror. We forgo building long-term re lationships as we accept the convenience of a long list of virtual contacts. And even as

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La Morada De Quien Nunca Encontraba Nada Lo Suficientemente Sencillo
AL SER INVITADO a colaborar en este proyecto, en el que una de las “ventanas” se titula La cabaña de Ludwig (Ludwig´s Hut), no me resistí a inaugurar la sección escribiendo unas palabras sobre ello. Este breve ensayo trata, en efecto, sobre la cabaña
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Nota De Prensa
CLAUSURA DE LA CUMBRE DEL CLIMA • El acuerdo pide un aumento de la ambición de los compromisos de lucha contra el cambio climático en 2020, siguiendo el calendario marcado en el Acuerdo de París • Manifiesta la “urgente necesidad” de que esos nuevos
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Arbitration, But Were Afraid To Ask*
I it’s odd: although we can remember the plot of some films in full detail, we don’t remember their titles, while on the other hand we completely forget the plot of other films and the only thing we remember is the title. That’s what happens with the