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Recreational hunters are a hugely diverse group, some of which think of hunting as a kind of birth right in this country, but the reality is that hunting only remains available to us as long as the general public believes it’s still relevant from a recreational and commercial perspective, and that it plays a role in conservation.

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NZ Hunter7 min letti
West Coast Summer Chamois
I figured the best thing to sort that out would be a solid summer hunting mission. With the freezer pretty stocked up on venison and stags still being in soft velvet, I decided a South Island alpine hunt would be the ticket. I gave my mate Liam a c
NZ Hunter7 min letti
The Anatomy Of A Rifle Cartirdge
Each component has a critical part to play in the firing of the cartridge, and as a hand loader, you have the opportunity to customise these components to maximise the performance of the ammunition you produce. This is a small explosive cap that’s p
NZ Hunter5 min letti
Stewart Island Cherry Popper
Two weeks later Dan popped into work for a chat and I mentioned I wouldn’t be focusing on the Sika roar next year; I was looking into Stewart Island. Straight away he was in. Sweet, two people confirmed, nine months to go and four more people needed.