Will Your Sales People Pass the Flinch Test?

After a lengthy buying process, the time has come to submit pricing. After countless hours spent formulating a proposal that details your comprehensive solution, you present your proposal to the buyer. Skipping the sections about your company and your solution, she flips right to the pricing page. ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t think it would be this expensive!’

What happens next determines whether or not you will get the business. When I say ‘get’ the

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Take Note
• When we’re challenged, we’re uncomfortable. This arouses our brain, resulting in better performance • Teams drawn from different disciplines and perspectives need to motivate and think through their positions — leading to better problem-solving ski
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Strategy Drivers
PRODUCT FOUNDATION: Products and services to be sold by the company must deliver value for customers at the right price. PRODUCTIVITY FOUNDATION: Time is a valuable resource. Ensure the Sales Organisation spends maximum time on leading activities. L
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Teams Perform Best When Everyone’s A Little Bit Uncomfortable
Diverse teams have higher rates of innovation, error detection and creative problem solving. Research by the NeuroLeadership Institute has proven that when we are forced to work in groups that are drawn from different disciplines and perspectives, ar