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I now coach women on conquering emotional eating, getting lean using sustainable methods and healing their gut symptoms. I also run a popular group-based program called Love Living Lean, where I show women how to optimally fuel their body, and the benefits of lifting heavy.


When I think of strength I think of mental strength and having the ability to put yourself first. To be a woman in this day requires a lot of juggling – careers, relationships, children, ‘upkeep’ of appearances, running a household and the monthly struggles of PMS! There is so much expectation from society, particularly in terms of social media, that we often try to do everything perfectly. To me, a strong woman has her own self-care as a priority and has the ability to say “no”.


Focus on how you feel. Stop looking in the mirror for acceptance and start setting goals that have nothing to do with your weight or appearance. Focus on having more energy, sleeping better, improved digestion, and a more positive mood. When we focus on how our bodies feel, everything else just comes together.


I focus on whole foods – the sort of foods our great grandparents ate. You won’t

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