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Singer and Songwriter

@amysheppardpie // @wearesheppard

An uber-successful singer and songwriter for Australian pop band Sheppard, this fitness advocate and brave body-positive soldier is also the founder of the #KISSMYFATASS movement that took over our social feed this year. Head over to her Insta page to see pics of her body as is – lumps, bumps and whatever else – and her stark reminders to be kind to yourself and others, always.


Being a strong woman is about resilience. It’s about being able to hold a smile through the good and the bad and knowing you can make it through.


Social media is extremely detrimental to the body image of women of all ages. With followers being used as currency and instant gratification for the way you look, it’s no wonder people only post their highlight reel. Eating disorders, low self-esteem and suicide are on the rise, and people are lonelier than ever before. My view is that it doesn’t have to be this way: social media can be

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Those brave enough to back up the sweaty February/March days with a hot yoga class or two, take note: in one of the first studies measuring hot yoga’s impact on blood pressure, the American Heart Association found that just three months’ worth of cla
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You Asked:
Stability starts with your feet: Maintaining the weight of the squat across your entire foot will help make you more stable. If at any time you feel as though the weight is forward and in your toes, it’s a sign you’re not stable and could be overload
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Nice Recovery!
There are a growing number of techniques and products for reducing the severity and duration of DOMS, but their effectiveness isn’t guaranteed. “There’s as much supported scientific evidence to say these methods work, as there is evidence to say they