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Like our friends over at , we don’t believe in food guilt. But with their new low-energy, all-natural lite ice-creams and frozen yoghurts, it was never a consideration anyway. At just 75 calories, you can down a decadent post-dinner dessert without smashing your macros, while

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Stability starts with your feet: Maintaining the weight of the squat across your entire foot will help make you more stable. If at any time you feel as though the weight is forward and in your toes, it’s a sign you’re not stable and could be overload
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Feel Functional, Create Curves
This workout is what I would classify as ‘functional bodybuilding’: it targets all the body’s fundamental movement patterns and prepares you for training in the gym and for movements you perform in everyday life. The focus of this workout should be o
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Non-hormonal Options
Inserted into the uterus (with or without anaesthetic) the copper IUD is a non-hormonal option. Toxic to sperm, it also stops a fertilised egg from settling into your uterus. PROS: Depending on the brand, a copper IUD can last for five to 10 years.