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Body Transformation Coach and Bikini Competitor // @claudia.jovanovski

Attending an all-girls school surrounded by peers who craved a super lean aesthetic took its toll on the mental health of Claudia Jovanovski. After becoming obsessed with calorie counting, undereating and excessive cardio, she knew it was time to make a change. She sought qualified help, overturned her social circle and took up resistance training. Now, she’s competed in dozens of bikini shows, is an internationally published cover model and – most importantly – is healthy, happy and confident in her own skin.


I have always been very active – I played sport in school and exercised most days of the week – but my life was far from balanced and healthy. I believed the skinnier I was, the more attractive people would find me. Instead of worrying about the nutritional value of food, I only considered its calorie and fat content. My diet largely consisted of low-calorie, caffeinated, processed, artificially sweetened and highly addictive ‘foods’ such as

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Programming Tip
Try and include all the planes of motion in your training: sagittal, frontal and transverse. The sagittal plane cuts the body into left and right halves (forward and backward movements), while the frontal plane cuts the body into front and back halve