The year was 1965. When culinary icon Nora Daza first came out with her cookbook, it quickly turned into a sensation, encouraging Filipinos to spend more time in the kitchen and prepare their meals with love. Daza won the hearts of many, specifically wives and mothers who were expected to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner (and maybe even ) for their

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MEGA1 min lettiPsychology
The Good Place
It has been sounding like a broken record every time someone mentions the pandemic and how it changed our lives forever. But it is the only explanation that makes sense with our current situation and every other remarkable change that will happen in
MEGA5 min letti
Simple Joys
Discreet isn’t usually the term used to describe how Filipinos celebrate the holidays. No, we like to be grand, over the top. Our champagne must come with sparklers, the food more than we can handle. We’re also loud—from the decorations to the carols
MEGA6 min letti
Chi Atienza - Valdepeñas
The family Atienza is a household name, but Atienza-Valdepeñas is someone who uses her own voice to amplify those of the Filipinos that need to be heard, especially now more than ever. A TV host and a kindhearted soul, who, even in time of distress a