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Learning to challenge negative thoughts takes time and practice but it is doable. Think of your thoughts as a muscle that you have to constantly exercise to change

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Winter Movie Guide
Isn’t it just so overwhelming when there are too many movies to choose from, so you just give up and scroll through Insta instead? We know those feels. Well, we’ve curated a selection of some old classics plus some new winter flicks to curl up with d
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Screen Queen
Winter is almost here and that means our Netflix hours are about to double. OK, let’s be real – triple. For many of us, that usually just means binge-watching our favourite show for approximately the 1050th time. But have you ever wondered what your
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What Is Sad?
SAD is a type of depression that follows a seasonal pattern. It usually begins and ends about the same time each year, developing in autumn and going away at the end of winter. It’s possible SAD can affect your mood drastically and impact the way you