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Learning to challenge negative thoughts takes time and practice but it is doable. Think of your thoughts as a muscle that you have to constantly exercise to change

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What Is Sad?
SAD is a type of depression that follows a seasonal pattern. It usually begins and ends about the same time each year, developing in autumn and going away at the end of winter. It’s possible SAD can affect your mood drastically and impact the way you
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Planet-friendly Periods
t really is an inevitable part of being a fabulous femme, isn’t it? Our period arrives like clockwork every month, lasts for about a week – give or take a few days – and then, just like magic, disappears again! But did you know we’re on our period ov
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Tally Up Your Score
You always have a skip in your step – nothing fazes you ever! That’s because you’ve got this life thing down pat. And even if life gives you lemons, you just whip them into lemonade and get on with your #blessed day! You’ve somehow become the popular