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The Story of Sugar Craft

Sugar Craft, Sugar Art or Sugar Sculpting is defined as the practice of creating confectionary sculptures that are decorative and edible. Sugar artists use the common technique of heating sugar and other derivatives to a very high temperature to get what is known as the hard crack stage. The components are then welded together using a gas torch, where the sugar is melted and can be joined together, with added colour, to create whatever shapes a sugar artist imagines.

There has been much debate around the history of Sugar Craft in regards to its origins and where exactly to start its history. What we do know is that in 6000BC the world discovered sugarcane, and sugar as a preservative has been used since 8AD. It has been written that islanders in New Guinea cut sugarcane for its sap and that

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Simone Betts Hi, I am a self taught cake hobbyist! I made these two cakes recently for two separate men who were turning 40. The first one, the Massey Ferguson, was made to scale. His wife chose it for him as he is very partial to his Tractor and h