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Medals Recall British Victories over French

In June Stack’s-Bowers sold part of a medal set commemorating different aspects of British naval and military victories over the French primarily concerned with those achieved during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Set

The full set of 40 medals is a remarkable work conceived and issued in the early 19th century by James Mudie. It was prepared over six years from 1815 to 1820 and Mudie collaborated closely with a number of top engravers of the day. Among them were William Wyon, Augustin Dupré, Jean-Jacques Barre and Jean-Pierre Droz.

The set as a whole was dedicated to George IV. This dedication reads:


Under your Majesty’s auspicious Government the British arms achieved a succession of Victories over the most powerful enemy with whom this country ever contended. These Victories terminated in his surrender and downfall. A series, of Medals, important in design and execution, transmitting the record of such momentous and glorious successes to Posterity, wanted only the gracious sanction of your Majesty’s encouragement and protection, to give them their due value in the estimation of the British People. This honor, conferred upon the only private individual who has ventured upon so important and national an undertaking, your Majesty has graciously and spontaneously been pleased to afford.

Duly sensible of his gracious condescension, I beg leave to offer to

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