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ellington-based designer Bayley LuuTomes set something of a record with , being the first New Zealander to win an award at the Melbourne International Flower & took you on a journey of discovery. The tree after which the show garden was named was encased within a hive-like cocoon constructed using more than 1000 hand-cut and secured pine blocks. These were laid organically to direct the eye to the tree canopy above, where the graceful, sweeping branches of the elm traced their pattern on the sky and embraced the cocoon and planting below. The structure of the cocoon provided for an area of contemplative quiet within. The idea was to relax and nestle within the safety of the structure and view the outside world through a series of peepholes. These viewing portals magnified the effect of the dappled light cast by the tree by adding extra light play, and provided show-goers with a tantatalising peek inside the protected space. Woodland-style drifts of foxglove and liriope nestled amid lush green foliage, providing a different interpretation and use of these plants. Overall, the plant colours were subtle, gentle and soothing, lulling you into a dream-like state as you wandered along the meandering, mulch-covered garden path. The warm timber tones of the cocoon, so natural and raw, were the perfect complement to the understated planting. , completed in cooperation with Yarra View Nursery, won a Bronze Show Garden Award.

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