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The .277 bore a good option for targeting game

The .270 Winchester has certainly stood the test of time. It’s one of our most popular big game rounds and with good reason. Coming out in 1925 at a time when the .30-06 was generally considered the best all-round big game cartridge, the .270 was off to a slow start.

Popularity increased in the 1940s after Monroe Goode, of Sports Afield, Townsend Whelen, writing for Guns and Ammo and then Jack O’Connor, writing for Outdoor Life, started to praise it. They argued that it allowed most hunters to place their shots at distant game better than the .30-06 because of a milder recoil and flatter trajectory.

The .270 Winchester hasn’t been without controversy. Other gunwriters such as Elmer Keith derided the .270. He found that the projectiles of the time came apart on game such as elks and mule deer when using the .270 and many of his

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