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The SSAA has about 440 clubs and ranges throughout Australia. We cater for target shooters and hunters who may want to sight-in their firearms at one of our many ranges. Our clubs also offer many different types of rifle, shotgun and handgun shooting competitions, whether you are a weekend club shooter or are aspiring to be a serious national or international competitor.

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The magazine is the pride of the Association and is mailed as a bonus

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Australian Hunter6 min letti
Take A Walk On The WILDCAT Side
As long as shooters have been squeezing triggers there has been a desire to achieve a higher level of performance from their firearms. After World War Two and especially during the 1960s there was a great deal of work devoted to modifying cartridges
Australian Hunter3 min letti
Licence To Grill
You have finished hunting or fishing for the day and it’s time to relax around the campfire. The sun is dropping towards the horizon and the air is beginning to chill. It’s comfortable next to the flames and you just don’t want to move away from that
Australian Hunter1 min letti
Live Life With Bush Edge
Founded in Australia, Bush Edge offer high-quality universal outdoor products that are built tough for our conditions. Specifically for the hunter, the all-weather Bush Edge Ultimate rifle cover has been designed to allow quick access thanks to the s