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When students in one of my university classes describe a discovery from the 1950s as “old”, I tend to roll my eyes and sigh. But, given that they were born, well… yesterday, the 50s, 60s, 70s and even 1980s seem to them the dark recesses of history. So when I refer to the technology used to produce a novel chronograph system as ‘new’, it is or it isn’t, depending on where we start its developmental clock.

Even I would admit that the experiments of the German physicist Heinrich Hertz on electromagnetic radiation in the 1880s, making possible the development of ‘radar’, were a bit before my time. And the research in the 1930s, resulting in the application of radar in World War Two is also beyond

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A Stag (dinner) Party
I could not recall the last time I had watched the weather with so much anticipation leading up to a roar. With loads of work at home, I was really keen to be away with my son for our annual red deer roar hunt. Seven months had passed since our last
Australian Hunter7 min letti
All Aboard For An Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt
As I stepped from the dock onto the float plane, my Alaskan brown bear hunt had begun. An hour later the Alaska Peninsula greeted us with towering sea cliffs and a snow-capped volcano. Soon we were on a lake, in the middle of nowhere, unloading our g
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From the Editor
Welcome to the first edition for 2020 where we hit the field running as Sam Garro shares a trophy tale from the Top End, Anthony Puddicombe enjoys a hunting holiday in the Snowy Mountains with family and friends, Don Caswell calls up elusive wild dog