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Diana Stormrider PCP air rifle

Diana has been making air rifles for more than a century and the company can trace its origins back to 1890. Their history is one of innovation and fresh ideas. Diana is still doing that, as demonstrated by the new Stormrider PCP air rifle. The Stormrider boasts a budget-appealing price and quality that is sure to win over a whole new generation of shooters. Nioa is the Australian agent for Diana and gave Australian Hunter the opportunity to review this product in .22 calibre.

Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles have much to commend them. Being of compressed air design, rather than the conventional spring-powered type, they offer high velocities and excellent accuracy. They also need to have a suitable pump, or a scuba tank with the appropriate fittings, to charge their pressure cylinder. Until now, the higher cost of PCP air rifles and extra outlay for pumps or scuba tanks has deterred a lot of shooters. Diana’s Stormrider

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