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The Leatherman Surge

Leatherman’s Surge model was first introduced in 2005. It was an immediate success and continues to be a strong seller. It’s a big boy, fullsized device featuring 21 tools all up. When originally released, one of these tools was a tiny interchangeable bit driver for tightening very small screws, such as those found on eyeglasses. Nothing wrong with that, it’s pretty innovative.

But the Surge received a facelift in 2013. That small bit driver was dispensed with and replaced with a small flathead screwdriver which can’t be removed. A larger interchangeable bit driver has always been a feature. So older models feature two interchangeable drivers! The big improvement came with the introduction of a redesigned, more substantial plier head which incorporates interchangeable hard wire cutters of improved steel. It is this post-2013 current model which forms the

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Bergara’s B14 Hunter Rifle ‘perfecto’ For Aussie Game
Bergara is a Spanish company respected for their barrels, which are used by other riflemakers. Bergara also produce a small range of rifles. Australian Hunter was given the opportunity to review the Bergara B14 Hunter rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. Herron S